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If you are considering up-skilling or returning to education MCCC would recommend that you have a look at Meath Adult Guidance Service (MAEGS). They can assist you with Career Information, Advice and Guidance. MAEGS is part of Co. Meath VEC Adult Education Services and they promote the importance of Career Planning at every stage of a person's life. Check out for further advice and they can also provide you with a list of useful websites -MAEGS.

ECCE Qualifications Clarification

There appears to be some conflicting information in circulation on the qualification level required for the ECCE scheme.

As set out in the terms and conditions of the scheme, the requirement is that for the ordinary rate of capitation, a "Pre-school year Leaders must hold a certification for a major award in childcare/early education at a minimum of level 5 on the National Framework of Qualifications of Ireland (NFQ) or an equivalent nationally recognised qualification or a higher award in the childcare/early education field. During the period September 2010 to August 2012, the qualification requirement will be considered to be met where a person can demonstrate that he or she has achieved a certification for an award in ECCE that includes significant content covering the core knowledge areas, child development, early learning, health and welfare and has at least 2 years experience of working in a position of responsibility with children in the 0-6 age range".

FETAC Level 5 in Childcare

What is FETAC Childcare Level 5? To obtain this certification you must complete eight (8) level 5 modules. Two of the modules are mandatory at this level; this means for any Level 5 qualification you must complete Communications & Work Experience.

Level 5 Certificate in Childcare

Level 5 DCHSC
Total Credit Value for Certificate: 8
Requirement Code Title Value
All of the following components:
D20005 Child Development 1
D20007 Early Childhood Education 1
D20153 Working in Childcare 1
D20159 Caring for Children (0-6 years) 1
G20001 Communications 1
W20008 Work Experience 1
A value of 1 from the following components:
B20032 Word Processing 1
B20132 Legal Studies 1
C20140 Nutrition 1
D20003 Care Provision & Practice 1
D20032 Human Growth & Development 1
D20121 Art & Craft for Childcare 1
D20165 Safety and Health at Work 1
D20169 Intellectual Disability Studies 1
D20186 Special Needs Assisting 1
D20187 Understanding Special Needs 1
D20188 Occupational First Aid 1
E20121 Úsáid na Gaeilge le Páistí Óga 1
E20122 Irish for Pre-School Services 1
G20031 Social Studies 1
G20033 Personal Effectiveness in the Workplace 1
Other locally devised modules include those listed below:
E20153 After School Support skills Module 1
L21991 Working with children with Special Needs 1
L21949 Childminding Practise 1

The remaining credit value of 1 may be achieved using one or more components from Levels 4, 5 or 6.

Certification Requirements:

Providers: - Please note that the work experience period for this award is a minimum of 4 weeks. Learners may submit a maximum of two components from Level 4 and a maximum of one component from Level 6. Components from Level 4 will have a value of 0.5 while those from Level 6 will have a value of 1 unless otherwise specified.

Advanced Certificate in Supervision in Childcare Level 6

Level 6 DCXXX
Total Credit Value for Certificate: 5
Requirement Code Title Value
All of the following components:
D30005 Child Development 1
D30176 Early Childhood Programmes 1
D30177 Social and Legal Issues in Childcare 1
D30178 Supervision in Childcare 1
A value of 1 from the following components:
B10009 Computer Applications 0.25
B10135 Information Technology Skills 0.25
B20001 Accounting - Manual & Computerised 0.5
B20017 Marketing Practice 0.5
B20028 Spread sheet Methods 0.5
B20032 Word Processing 0.5
B20137 Bookkeeping - Manual & Computerised 0.5
B20138 Payroll-Manual & Computerised 0.5
D20001 Anatomy & Physiology 0.5
D20003 Care Provision & Practice 0.5
D20005 Child Development 0.5
D20007 Early Childhood Education 0.5
D20144 Food Preparation 0.5
D20151 Customer Service 0.5
D20153 Working in Childcare 0.5
D20159 Caring for Children (0-6 years) 0.5
D20163 Care Skills 0.5
D20165 Safety and Health at Work 0.5
D20186 Special Needs Assisting 0.5
D20188 Occupational First Aid 0.5
E20126 Performance Craft 0.5
G30001 Communications 1
L32333 Disabilities and Conditions 1
L32334 Special Needs Teaching Skills 1
L32337 Creative Studies for Special Needs 1
L32389 Montessori Culture Exercises 1
L32390 Montessori Language Exercises 1
L32391 Montessori Mathematics 1
L32392 Montessori Sensorial Exercises 1
L32393 Montessori Practical Life Exercises 1
L32394 Montessori Theory and Practice 1
L32428 After School Childcare 1
L32480 Life Skills 1
L32481 Sensorial Education 1
L32482 Language Development 1

First Aid Certificate Course

Please contact the office for information regarding First Aid Courses.

Training for services

Meath County Childcare Committee has been responsible for the co-ordination, organising and dissemination of a number of training courses for childcare providers, and childminders and childcare staff since the beginning.

In order to ensure that Meath County Childcare Committee responds to training needs in the most effective and beneficial way, we have conducted a training analysis of childcare services.

All training courses are designed and implemented based on the needs and suggestions of childcare providers, childminders and those working in the childcare field, with the objective of ensuring that the training we provide is current, appropriate and useful in your day to day work..

To obtain a list of 2009 training courses, please contact our office.

A "Guide to Childcare training paths" publication is now available to download: Guide to Childcare training paths (File size 716KB)

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