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  • A Childminder cares for a small group of children of mixed ages in the childminder's own home.
  • No more than two children should be less than 15 months. Exceptions in relation to numbers under 15 months can be made for multiple births or siblings.
  • A childminder should have a telephone on the premises and a second person must be available to cope with emergencies.
  • All childcare services should have a copy of the Child Care Pre-school Regulations 2006 on the premises and providers should familiarise themselves with the entire contents.
  • A childminder who falls under the scope of the "Regulations" must notify Tusla, the Child and Family Agency, that they are operating a "Pre-School Service". Notification forms may be obtained by contacting your local Pre-School Inspection team. Once notified, a pre-school service officer will inspect the Childminder to ensure they are operating within the regulations, promoting quality childcare.
  • A Childminder working within the scope of the "Regulations" must comply with the legislations in terms of record keeping, health and safety issues, having written policies and procedures that guide their service and will need to provide adequate space, toys and equipment that allow for the developmental needs (including physical, educational, social, emotional etc) of all the children in their service.
  • There is a Childminding Development Grant (CMDG) available annually.
  • Childminders can claim the Childcare Services Tax Relief if they are earning under €15,000 gross per annum Childcare Services Relief.
  • MCCC now have a dedicated Childminding Development Officer and she can be contacted on
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