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ChildcareECCE Scheme

ECCE Free pre-school

For a full list of Pre-school Services participating on the Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme in Co. Meath 2016-2017, please down load our pdf document: 2017-2018-MCCC-LIst-of-ECCE-services.pdf

What is the ECCE scheme?

The Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Scheme provides early childhood care and education for children of pre-school age. It provides children with their first formal experience of early learning prior to commencing primary school.

There will be only one entry point to the ECCE scheme from September 2018. Children must be 2 years 8 months by the 31st of August to start on the ECCE scheme in September.

The programme is provided for three hours per day, five days per week over 38 weeks per year and the programme year runs from September to June each year.

All children are entitled to 2 full academic years or 76 weeks from September 2018.

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