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ACP Meath Branch

ACP Meath is the newest member of the family but we have really hit the ground running. Their council meets on a monthly basis to discuss the issues and to decide what actions to take both at local and national levels to ensure that the early years sector in Meath are respected, resourced and remunerated for all aspects of our professional role.

ACP Mission

To be the representative body for childhood professionals in Ireland

ACP Aims

  • Be the collective identity and represent the voice of childhood professionals
  • Promote and engage active membership
  • Advocate and seek support for the initial training and continuing professional development of childhood professionals
  • Advocate and campaign for recognition of childhood professionals including their professional status and equitable pay and work conditions
  • Raise awareness of the value and contribution made by the childhood professional to the lives of children, families and society as a whole

ACP Values

Solidarity, equity, equality, democracy, empowerment, honesty, openness, self-responsibility, self-help, social responsibility and caring for others

For further information about membership please see:

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