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"All my family needs" Report of the parent' survey on childcare in Co.Meath MCCC
100 Ideas to Market your Childcare Business Taffy Gallagher 978-1-4401-8006-4
21 Summers
7 steps to choosing a nursery - A Parents Guide 3sixty Marketingn and penthouse design
A Child Protection Guide for Early Years and School Age Childcare Services Barnardos
A County Childcare Committee Support to Developing and Running a Parent and Toddler Group MCCC
A County Committee Support guide to Developing and Running a Parent and Toddler Group Kerry CCC and Meath CCC
A Guide for Parents
A guide to developing policies & procedures in a childcare setting
A Guide to the Departments Service
A Handbook for babysitting and Parents
A Handbook on childhood bereavement Pat Donnelly
A Need Analysis of Travellers in Co. Monaghan Paul Quinn
A place to talk Elizabeth Jarman 9781408114704
A Practical Guide ,Good Practice in the Early Years 2nd Edition Janet Kay 978-0-8264-7273-1
A Practical Guide to Child Care and Education Placements 2nd Edition Hobart,Christine & Frankel,Jill 9781408504833
A Practical Guide to Developing Childcare Policies Marie Willoughby 978-1-906004-06-4
A Practical Guide to Developing Childcare Policies Book and CD 2 Marie Willoughby 978-1-906004-13-2
A Price worth Paying-A report on the sustainability of childcare services in the canal Communitites Partnership areas Anmar Consultants and R&D Consultants
A Reflection of Learning 2011- 2014 Donegal County Childcare Committee
A training needs analysis in respect of ECCE workers in Cork County
About the Adoptive Leave Act-1995
About the Maternity Leave Protections Acts 1994-2004 The Equality Authority
About the Parental Leave Act-1998
Achieving Inclusion - The role of empowerment in policy & practise
Action plan & Financial Projections-co meath community transport initiative
Advice for Parents on childcare options mcc
After School - a Practice Guide for Providers Stephanie Holt with Esther Pugh Holt. S & Pugh. E
After school - the way forward
After School A Practice Guide For Providers Holt,Stephanie & Pugh,Ester 1-898662-24 X
AIB Better Ireland Programme, Making it possible
Aistear in Action Glenda Walsh
Aistear: The Early Childhood Curriculum Framework: Principles and Themes NCCA
Alana - vision into practise 2007
All About Me Sligo Social Services
All Kinds of Bodies Emma Brownjohn 978-1-85707-560-1
All kinds of everything Children in Counties Meath and Louth
All kinds of Homes Emma Damon 978-1-85707-677-6
All kinds of People Emma Damon 978-1-85708-067-5
All Kinds of Transport Emma Damon 1-85707-653-2
An analysis if SAC in Co. Kildare
An Audit of Research on Early Childhood Care and Education in Ireland. 1990-2006 Cassidy Peadar Walsh Thomas 13:9 78-0-95539-37-4-7
An Gum Foilseachain Nua 2001-2
An Introduction to Child Care and Education 2nd Edition Carolyn, Jerssica Meggit,Walker 978-034-0-81398-0
Anti-bias approaches in the Early Years
Are We There Yet? Children's Rights Alliance
Around the World - Home Kate Perry 13-978-1-84507-556-9
As much Art As Science - Summary report on Meath Leader 1
As much art as science-summary report on meath leader 2
Assessment Literacy for Wise Decisions 1902-466-055
Assisting Chidren with Special Needs-An Irish Perspective Ellis Flood 978 07171 4758 8
AStudy of Child Outcomes in Pre-School Trutz Haase 978-1-904262-41-1
Audit of service of provision-meath county development board
August i jego usmiech Catherine Rayner 978-1-84611-186-0
Augustus and his Smile Catherine Rayner 978-1-84611-186-0
B.A in Early Childhood Studies and Practice ( Level 8 ) 2011-outreach
BA in Early Childhood Studies and Practice RESEARCH BRIEFS NUI Galway
Barnardos National Children's Resource Centre
Barnardos Parenting Course Database
Basic Skils for Childcare - literacy Tutor Pack June Green 1-84312-021-6
Before & After School Programs: A start up and Admin. Manual Mary McDonald Richard
Best Practise Guidelines for childminders The Lagan Family Daycare Network / BCCN
Bhuf! Bhuf! Pictiuir agus focail Angie Sage 1-85791-331-0
Bringing the High/Scope Approach to your Early Years Practice. Nicky Holt ISBN10:0-415-56500-6
Bringing the Montessori Approach to your Early Years Practice Barbara Isaacs ISBN:978-1-138-02244-7
Brothers and Sisters Laura Dwight 978-1-59572-364-2
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see Bill Martin Jr 978-0-14050-296-1
Building Blocks Angela & Fionnuala A. Cavanan & F.Gilvarry
Building Blocks -childcare services 2
Building for Childcare-Conference Report 2007 Michael Rush
Building Resource Manual Pobal
Building Resource Manual - Project Management Guildlines for the Construction ,Refurbishmen of childcare facilitys
But Martin! June Counsel 978-0-552-553138-0
Can We Help? A Guide to Supporting Children and Families in Early Years Services Barnados 978-1-906004-22-4
Careers & our Children Ciara Kane
Caring before their time? Research and Policy perspections Anne Marie and Robbie Halpenny AM & Gilligan R
Carlow College Prospectus 2005-2006
Carry Me (Babies Everywhere) Star Bright Books Inc 978-1-59575-180-8
CCC & NVCO 2005 - Actions at a glance
Centre for Early Childhood & Education - Aims and Functions
Centre for early childhood development and education.m review 2002/2003 954581520
Changing Perspective, Cultural Values, Diversity and Equality in Ireland and the Wider World 0- 946791-20-1
Chapter Six - Rural Women
Child & Family Directory 2002 Barnardos
Child Care & Education , CACHE Level2 Miranda Walker ,Marian Beaver 978-0-7487-9997-8
Child Care & Education ,Third Edition Tina & Carolyn Bruce & Meggitt 0340 846283
Child Care ( Pre-school Servic es) (no2 ) regulations 2006 and explanatory Guide to Requirments and procedueres for notification and inspection
Child Development - Principles and Perspective Joan Littlefield, Greg Cook, Cook 9 780205 754113
Child Development for students in Ireland Eilis Flood 978 07171 4757 1
Child Links Child Protection Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Research in Early Childhood Care and Education Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links School age programmes Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Child Trafficking Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Childcare in Disadvantaged Communities Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Childcare in Transition Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Children & The Internet Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Children and Nutrition Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Developments in Early Childhood Care and Education Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Mental Health Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Outcomes-Focused children's services Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Parental Alcohol Misuse Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Links Working with Fathers Barnardos 1649-0975
Child Psychology - Development in a Changing Society Robin, Scott A, Ross Harwood, Miller, Vasta 9 780471 706496
Child safety in cars - a guide to selecting and fitting child restraints
Childcare (Pre-school Services) Reg's 1996 and Childcare (Amendment) Reg 1997
Childcare Act 2006 the essential guide McAuliffe, Anne-marie & Linsey,Alison & Fowler,John 1905314256
Childcare Bill 1988
Childcare Facilities - Guidelines for planning Authorities
Childcare Management Committee Guidelines
Childcare needs analysis for Traveller Families in Co. Meath Karen Mahony
Childcare needs analysis for Traveller Families in Co. Meath Karen Mahony
Childcare needs analysis for Traveller Families in Co. Meath Karen Mahony 0000
Childcare Plan - western area 2002/2005
Childcare Plan 2002-2005
Childcare practice for Voluntary management Commitees- Training Resourse 978-1-906004-10-1
Childcare Practice For Voluntary Management Committees Barnardos 978-1-606004-10-1
Childcare Services Audit and Needs Analysis 2006
Childminder's Guide To Child Development Allison Lee 978-18-4706-0853
Childminder's guide to Health & safety and child protetion Alison Lee 9781847060860
Childminder's guide to Play and Activities Alison Lee 9780826494641
Childminding- A guide for parents
Childminding A Handbook for the Diploma in Home -based Childcare Christine Hobart , Jill Frankel 978 1 4085 0493 2
Childminding support pack Meath CCC
Children & Young People's workforce , Early learning & childcare Penny Tassoni,Kate Beith,Kath Bulman,SueGrigffin 978-0-43503033-6
Children 2020-Children's care and Education in Ireland-Executive Summary StartStrong
Children and Aids -Second Stocktaking Report Unite for Children Unite for Aids
Children and Technology: a tool for child development Angela Carr 1898662-07 X
Children and Young People Workforce- Early Learning nad Childcare Penny, Kate, Kath, Sue Tassoni, Beith, Bulman, Griffin 9 780435 031336
Children first - National guideline for the protection and welfare of children 2011 dcya ISBN 978-1-4064-2589-5
Children First - the northern Ireland strategy
Children First-For childminders
Children of the Global Village-conference held the DIT
Children with ADD/ADHD - Booklet
Children's Books for Special Needs - Growing Up
Children's Playgrounds - Information Pack for Community Groups Sugradh
Children's Rights In Ireland, Law, Policy andPractice Ursula Kilkelly 978 1 74592 1576
Childs Play? An Exploration into the Quality of Childcare Processes Des Carswell,
Choosing Childcare- A parent's guide. D.V.D.
City/County Childcare Committees 2004 Annual Reports Synthesis Report
City/County Childcare Committee's 2004 Annual Reports Synthesis Report
Communities and Businesses working together
Communities Online Together - Poster Meath County Development Board,
Community Education Summer School 2005 - Guidelines for Application;s Community Education Services
Community Inclusion Initiative-Executive Summary
Community Insight - Early Years Care and Education Playwork - Health & Social care
Community Matters - issue 4 - spring 2005
Community Playthings - 3 videos
Community Playthings, Room Planner Glencar Medical Ltd
Contact List
Contemporary Issues in Early Years Gillian Pugh 978-1-84787-592-1
Contempory Issues in The Early Years Gillian Pugh, Bernadette Duffy 978-1-84787-592-1
Creating solutions from diversity
Creditable Alternatives-New models of affordable savings which may be adapted by travellers
Daifní Dineasár Áine Ní Ghlinn 0-86278-745-9
Debt and Money Advice in Ireland - A Partnership Approach
DEIS - an action plan for social inclusion
Design for Play: A guide to creating successful play spaces Shackwll, Butler, Doyle and Ball 978-1-84775-225-3
Developing Communities with Information Technoloty
Developing Language and Communication Skills through Effective Small Group Work - Third Edition Marion,Jackie and Tracey Nash, Lowe and Palmer 978-0-415-57689-5
Developing School Age Childcare
Developing School Age Childcare - executive summary and guidelines
Developing the Workforce in the Early Childhood Care and Education Sector-Background Discussion paper
Developing the Workforce in the Early Childhood Care and Education Sector-Report on the findings from the consultative process
Difficult Behaviour In Early Childhood Ronald Mah 1-4129-3715-9
Diploma in Home -Based Childcare , For Children & Nannies Shiela Riddall-Leech 978 0435 402 11 2
Dispay a Creative Curriculum Mc Hugh, Noel & Springett, Stephan
DIT/NOW - Early Childhood project - general info'
DIT/NOW - Early Childhood-portfolio building guide
DIT/NOW - Sample forms for WBT & APL
DIT/NOW early childhood project
Diversity & Equality in Early Childhood - an Irish Perspective Colette Murray and Mathias Urban 978-07171-4994-0
Donegal County Childcare Committee Annual Report 2010
Dyslexia - a practical guide for teachers and parents
Early Childhood 4th Edition An Introductary Text Nóirín Hayes, Noirin & Kernan,Margaret 9780717145645
Early Childhood A Guide For Students Tina Bruce 978-1-84860-223-6
Early Childhood in Ireland Jacqueline Fallon
Early Childhood Studies Johnston,Jane & Nahamd-Williams, Lindy 978-1-4058-3532-9
Early Childhood: An Introductory Text; 4th Edition Noirin Hayes
Early Speech and Language Matters Geraldine French 978-906004--26-2
Edu Cater-product catalogue
Educating Young Children Mary and David Hehmann and Weikart 1-57379-104-0
Education and care in the Early Years , Third Edition Jodephine , Frances Donohoe, Gaynior 978-0-7171-4196
EECERA Young Children as Citizen's - Identy - Belonging - Participating
Emma's hat (English-Irish) Lucinda Jacob 1-85371-513-1
Employment rights explained
Enable Ireland - strategic plan - 2006-2008)
engaging young Children, A Nurturing Pedagogy Nóirín Hayes ,Margeret Kernan 978 07171 4457 0
Entitlements for people with disabilities - citizens info
Equal Opportunities and the ESF 1900256-371
Equality in Education
Equality News Winter 2006-2007
Equipments List
Essential Skills for Manager of Child- Centred Settings Maureen Smith 1-84312-034-8
Every Child Matters- Developing anti-discriminatory Practise Marie Willoughby
Every Child Matters- Developing anti-discriminatory Practise Marie Willoughby
Every Child Matters- Developing anti-discriminatory Practise 1-898662-94-0
Family welfare conferances-a guide to services in the North East
Feelings Brave Sarah Medina 978-1-4062-0789-7
FETAC recognising achievements - VIDEO
FETAC strategic plan 03/06
Fire Safety in Pre-schools The Government of Ireland, 1999
Food & Nutrition Guidelines for Pre-school Services
Food for young children
For the kids -outings/activities
For The Kids, A family-Friendly Guide to Outings and Activities fort Children in Ireland The Liffey Press 1-904148-27-1
Forbairt Naíonraí Teoranta-Advantages of sending your child to Irish Language Pre-school Forbairt Naíonraí Teoranta
Foroige - Meeting Youth Needs for 50 years
Foundations for Health Promotion Naidoo & Willis 978-0-7020-2965-3
From Birth to Five years Mary D Sheridan 0-415-42365-1
From birth to leaving school Dr.Richard Woolfson
from Play to Practice Marcia L. Nell 978-1-928896-93-7
Ger kids on the go
Get With It- a parents guide to media technologies
Get With It- a parents guide to media technologies
Good practise guidelines for creches
Grants for Community Playgroups and Parent & Toddler group
Grievance & disciplinary handbook for childcare providers Counihan, Sheila Dempsey, Barbara 13:978-1-906004-02-6
Growing Together-a report of the cross border women's anti-povert project
Guide to Books for 0-5 Year Olds 1-898662-79-7
Guide to books for 0-5 years olds 2nd edition
Guide to Childcare Training Paths
Guide to essential skills & knowledge for ECCE
Guide to Food Safety Training
Guide to funding under the NDP 2000-2006
Guide to Games and Activities for 0-5 years olds
Guide to Games and Activities for 0-5 years olds Barnardos 1 898662 32 0
Guidelines for Application and Appraisal Process
Guidelines on Policies for childcare services
HACCP- Catering
HACCP-How to select an external HACCP consultant
HACCP-Terminology Explained
Hamza DVD
Happy Talk - Interim Report II
Health & safety in childcare -A guide for centre -bsed servicer 978-1-906004-002
Health and Safety in Childcare: A guide for Centre -Based Services The nationals children's resource centre and BCCN 2006 13: 948-1-906004-00-2
Health and Safety in Childcare: A guide for Centre -Based Services 13: 948-1-906004-00-2
Hearing the Voice of the Child in Childcare Services Michelle Hart, BCCN
Helping children cope with stammering
Helping children with Dyspraxia
Here We Go Round : Quality Circle Time for 3-5 year olds Jenny, Helen Mosley, Sonnet 0 9530122 1 2
High/Scope in Family Daycare Setting Course ( Red Folder) High/Scope Institute UK
High/Scope in Family Daycare Setting-A Study Guide High/Scope Institute UK
High/Scope UK Supporting Children's Learning
Highscope - You Can't come to my Birthday Party Betsy Evans
Highscope - 100 Small-Group Experiences (The Teacher's Idea Book - 3) Michelle Graves 1-57379-029-X
Highscope - Managing children's behaviour
Highscope - Planning Around Children's Interest ( The Teacher's Idea Book - 2) Michelle Graves 1-57379-019-2
Highscope - this is me-observations
Homework Assistance & Out of School Time O'Connor, Susan & McGuire,Kate
How does your toddler grow. A nutrition guide for 1-5 year olds
How to be an Outstanding Childminder Allison Lee 9781847064967
Human Growth & Development An Irish Perspective Emma O'Brien 978-07171-44617
Identity Guidelines for the Development Plan Logo
Ieist - respecting diversity
Implementing Equality for Older people
Including Children
Inclusion in action - the achievements & learning of Integra projects
Infant Classes User Manual ECI 0-9551048-5-8
Infection in School Health Promotion Unit 0-86387-038-4
Information Pack - Child Protection
Information Pack - Children's Rights
Information Pack - Special Needs
Information Pack for Pre-school Service Providers - folder
Initiative to develop school age Childcare A;pplication for staffing Grant
Initiative to develop school age Childcate Application for Capital Grant
Insights on Quality-A Nationa l Reviewo f Policy, Practise, and Research Relating to Quality in Early Childhood Care and Education in Ireland 1990-2004 Marea and Thomas Duignan and Walsh 954581555
Inspiring play - In Early childhood 978-0-9547592-3-0
Internal structures a review of learning and good practise
IPPA, playgroups in the community - getting started
IPPA, the Early Childhood Organisation. Parent, baby and toddler group handbook
Irish does the business - Ta Gno agat leis an nGaeilge
ITB Blanchardstown - prospectus
Just Because Rebecca Elliot 978-0-7459-6235-1
Just Playing-the role & status of play in early childhood education
Keeping your baby safe - safety information for parents and carers of babies - 0 to 1 year
Kompan - Unique Playgrounds - Folder
Kompani Moments / Elements / Galaxy (3)
Lamhleabhar do Stiurthoiri Naoinri
Le Cheile - an integrated strategy for Meath to 2010
Leadership in Early Childhood
Leann BRAN an tAm Eric Hill 1-85791-343-4
Leaps & Bounds-A strategy for children and families in the North-East 2005-2010
Learning Outdoors in the early years-A rescource book
Learning Through Play - in the early years (Folder)
Legislation Handbook for Childcare Providers Jane Beatty,Colm Carroll,Anne Conroy, Caroline Healy Beatty.J & Carroll.C & Conroy.A & Healy.C 1-898662-99-1
legislation handbook for childcare providers
Legislation Handbook for Childcare Providers Graham. I & Lafferty.L
Legislation handbook for childcare providers Imelda Graham 1 898662 99 1
Legislation handbook for childcare providers 2nd edition Sinéad Lawton 978-1-906004-07-1
Leigh Leat
Let Them Talk Geraldine French
Let's Draw Cartoon Birds Tina Mation 5-390108-21702-4
Lifespan Development - A learning Guide
Little bits of Ireland Ann Marie O'Grady
Little bits of ireland Anne-Marie O'Grady 0-9540995-0-8
Little Dinners
MABS Booklet
Macra na Feirme - New Opportunities for Women Macra na Feirme,1998
Maji: A pack on WATER for Early Years Trocaire
Making Connections
Management of Infectious Disease in Childcare Facilities and Other Childcare Settings HSE
Managing in the early years- Managing Environment and resources Chris, Sandy Ashman, Greeen
Managing Together- A Guide to working effectively as a committee Jane Clarke 1 87164328 7
Managing volunteers - a good practise guide
Mayo CCC -Strategic Plan 2007-2010 Mayo CCC
Me Too - a booklet for teachers and pre-school workers Enable Ireland
Meals without Squeals Christine Berman, Jacki Fromer 978-1-933503-00-4
Meath CCC Strategic Plan 2007-2010 MCCC
Meath CCC Strategic Plan 2007-2010-Executive Summary
Meath Co. Council Community Grant Scheme Information & Application Form Packs
Meath Local Authorities Play Policy 2008-2012
Meath Traveller's Employment Initiative (MTEI) Project Evaluation Gerry Mc Keever & Associates
Meath VEC - chronicle supplement '06
Meath VEC - directory of educational services
Minimum Quality Standards in a Nursery
Mise agus Mamai Rialtas na hEireann
Mise agus Tusa a Bheirin Martin Waddell & Barbara Firth Waddell.M& Firth.B 1-85791-190-3
Mo Cholainn O Bhaithis go Bonn Zita Newcome 1-85791-386-8
Molly is a Good Dog (English - Irish) Lcuinda Jacob 1-85371-742-8
Money Go Round
Montessori Education- A foundation for life-Guideline booklet for montessori pre-schools St.Nicholas Montessori Society of Ireland
More Clapping Games : Whole Brain Workouts for Lively Children Jenny, Helen Mosley, Sonnet 0-9540585-5-0
More Fruit & Veg every day
Movement and Dance in Early Childhood Mollie Davies 0-7619-4053-7
Movement plus Rhymes, Songs & Singing Games - Second Edition & CD Phyllis Weikart 1-57379-0664
Movement Plus-CD, High/Scope 1-57379-036-2
Music in Childcare Settings 2006 - 2013 Frances Shanahan 978-0-9540943-5-5
my world, your world Melanie Walsh 978-0-552-55055-0
National childcare census report -Baseline Data 1999-2000
National childcare census report county meath - executive summary
National Children's Resource Centre - Membership Application Form
National Framework of Qualifications-an overview
National Framework of Qualifications-policies and criteria
National Framework to support children's learning from birth to six years
National Framework to support children's learning from birth to six years
National Qualifications Ireland
National Strategic Plan 2011-2012-Early Childhood Care and Education Programmes NVCO's & CCC's
National Strategic Plan 2011-2013
National Strategy on Domestic ,Sexual and Gender-based Violence 2010-2014 National Office for the protection of Domestic, Sexual and Gender-based Violence
NCNA Training - handout
NMCDA Information Guide
Nurture through Nature
OMNA- DIT/NOW Early Childhood Project
On Target
Once in a lifetime, Early childhood care and education for children from birth to three. French,Geraldine Murphy, Patricia 1-898662-66-5
Once in a lifetime-Early childhood care& Education for children from Birth to Three Geraldine , Patricia French,murphy 1-898662-66-5
Our Children - Their Lives The National Childrens Strategy
Our Children First. A Parent's guide to the national child protection guidelines. Revised Edition Corrine Kingston 978-1-906004-20-0
Our Children First. A Parents Guide to the National Protection Guidelines Geraldine Fox 1 898662 29 0
Our Duty of care - The principles of good practice for the protection of children & young people
Our Duty to Care Dept. of Health and Children
Out of School Care 1 84185 517 0
Out of school provision
Outdoor Play: Design and Benefits
Parental Involement-A handbook for childcare providers Barnardos 10-1-906004-01-3
Parenting positively - coping with death for parents of children 6 and 12
Parenting positively - coping with seperation Fiona Lane
Parents guide to the National Child Protection Guidelines
Partners in Learning. A parent's guide to partnership in childcare Michele McDermott 978-1-906004-15-6
Personal Practice in Early Years services- A guide revised edition Mary Byrne 1-89866271-1
Personnel Practice in Early Years Services - A Guide Prevised Edition Mary Byrne 1-898662-71-1
Personnel Practice in Early Years Services- A Guide Revised Edition Mary Byrne 1-898662-71-1
Perspectives on Youth Crime
Photocopiable Materilas for Use with the Jenny Mosley Quality Circle Time Model Jenny Mosley 978-1-904866-45-9
PL 11 - Guide to the Building Control System
Planning and Designing Spaces for Children Regional Childcare Working Group & B.M.W Regional Assembly
Play Activity Series - Clay and Dough 0-901755-91-5
Play Activity Series - Language Through Play 0-901755-96-6
Play Activity Series - Maths Through Play 0-901755-95-8
Play Activity Series - Music Through Play 1-873743-30-0
Play Activity Series - Technology Through Play 1-873743-03-3
Play Activity Series -Wood Play 1-873743-40-8
Play Activity Services - Science Through Play 1-873743-00-9
Play in Early Childhood Mary D Sheridan 0-415-18693-5
Play it safe - safety information for parents and carers of children - 1 to 5 years
Poisonous Plants ,A guide for Parents & Childcare Providers Elizabeth A.Dauncey 978-1-84246-406-9
Positive Discipline For Preschoolers ,3rd Edition Jane Nelsen, Cheryl Erwin, Roslyn Ann Duffy 978-0-307-34160-0
Posters - Towards a framework for early learning
Power of Play
Premises: Design and Features in Childcare Services Video
Preparation for Childcare CACHE Entry Level Certificate Ann Tapp 978-0-435987-40-4
Pre-school Quality Support Programme Mayfield/Glen Childcare Network
Pre-Schools for travellers-National Evaluation Report
Primary Options -how to choose the right schoolfor you child Eleanor , Oliver Gaire,Mahon 1-904148-48-4
Primary Options, How to choose the right school for your child.... and much more! Gaire,Eleanor & Mahon Oliver 1-904148-48-4
Professional development in the childcare sector
Professional Pedagogy for Early Childhood Education Avril McMonagle 978-1-907235-05-4
Project E.Y.E -An Irish Curriculum for three- four year old child-Cognitive Development 3 Francis, Mary & Cora Douglas, Horgan & O Brien
Project E.Y.E -An Irish Curriculum for three- four year old child-Creative Development 4
Project E.Y.E -An Irish Curriculum for three- four year old child-Cultural Development 7 Francis, Mary & Cora Douglas, Horgan & O Brien
Project E.Y.E -An Irish Curriculum for three- four year old child-Educator's Handbook Francis, Mary & Cora Douglas, Horgan & O Brien
Project E.Y.E -An Irish Curriculum for three- four year old child-Environmental Awareness & Development Education 8 Francis, Mary & Cora Douglas, Horgan & O Brien
Project E.Y.E -An Irish Curriculum for three- four year old child-Language Development 5 Francis, Mary & Cora Douglas, Horgan & O Brien
Project E.Y.E -An Irish Curriculum for three- four year old child-Physical Development 2
Project E.Y.E -An Irish Curriculum for three- four year old child-Social Development 6
Project E.Y.E -An Irish Curriculum for three- four year old child-Spiritual, Emotional & Moral Development 1
Psychology , fourth Edition Don, Sandra Hockenbury 0-7167-6446-6
PUPPETS AT LARGE Linda Bentley 1-9048660-2-6
QDAP - information pack CD
QDAP - service evaluation Form
Quality - A Discussion Paper
Quality Assurance Programme-Qdap Element 1
Quality Assurance Programme-QDAP Element 2
Quality Assurance Subcommittee-Quality in childcare setting Galway CCC
Quality Childcare & Lifelong Learning -Model Framework for Education ,training and Professional Development in the ECCE Sector
Quality Childcare in the Workplace-a step by step guide for employers Angela Canavan
Quality Circle Time in the Primary Classroom Jenny Mosely 139781855032293
Quality Improvement Pack
Quality Improvement Programme
Quality nursery care for your child - a guide for parents seeking daycare for their children
Questions of quality-International conference
Re- using & recycling Clothes Franklin Watts 0 7496 6102 X
Re- using & recycling Glass Franklin Watts 07496 6105 4
Re- using & recycling metal Franklin Watts 0 7496 6100 3
Re- using & recycling Paper Franklin Watts 0 7496 61038
Re- using & recycling Plastics Franklin Watts 0 7496 6101 1
Re- using & recycling Rubber Franklin Watts 0 7496 6104 6
Ready Steady Play-a national play policy
Recommendations for National Infant Feeding Policy-part 1
Recommendations for National Infant Feeding Policy-part 2
Reflective practice in the early years Micheal , Natalie Cunning 978-1-84860-161-1
Registered Childminding-The Secrets of Success Tunja & Tasmin Stone
Regulation 5: Assessing Early Childhood Services Early Chilhood Ireland
Report on strategies in the local development community groups
Report to Children on the Public Consultation-National Children's Strategy
Research database directory-local development programme
Research Methodology a step-by-step guide for beginners 3rd edition Ranjit Kumar 978-1-84920-300-5
Respect - Education without Prejudice
Results of 2004 EOCP Annual Beneficiary Questionnaire
Review of childcare & family support services,2001
Review of childcare & family support services,2002
Review of childcare & family support services,2003
Roma - Travellers and Discrimination
Roomscapes-Community Playschools -DVD
Ruairí san Ospidéal Colmán , Anne Marie Óraghallaigh ,Carroll 1-89922-14-8
Safety, Nutrition and Healt in Early Education 4th Edition , Internation Edition Cathie Roberston 978-1-4390-4620-3
Safety, Nutrition and Health in EARLY EDUCATION - 4th Edition Cathie Robertson 13:978-1-4390-4620-3. ISBN10:1-4390-4620-4
School Age childcare- A step by step guide to developing a school age childcare service MCCC
School age childcare in Ireland -Report of a worknig group of the National childcare co-Ordination committee
School aged Childcare Policy and Practice Maloney, Mary & Sturley, Jennifer & Kane,Ciara
School Gate A Teachers Resource Book
School-Age Care Environment Rating Scale Thelma Harms Ellen Jacobs Donna White
Schools Out
Second Annual review of the Northern Childcare Plan
Sessional Services User Manual Early Years Educational Policy Unit
Seven Years Old School Experience in Ireland Hayes, Noirin & Kernan,Margaret
Sharing Good Practice: Practical guidance for Childcare Barnardos
Siolta - Childminding User Manual Cenbtre for Early Childhood Developmkent & Education 0-9551048-0-7
Siolta Final Report on the Development and Implementation of the Siolta Quality Assurance Programme
Siolta Full and Part-time Daycare User Manual 0-7557-7627-5
Síolta Handbook CECDE
Siolta: The National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education CECDE
Síolta-Research Digests CECDE
Smart Start - A Health Promotions Training Manual for Pre-School Management & Staff HSE
So Much Trish Cooke & Helen Oxenbury Cooke. T & Oxenbury.H 0-7445-4396-7
Someone To Talk To- a handbook on childhood bereavement Pat Donnelly 1-898662-58-4
Something Else Kathryn Cave& Chris Riddell Cave.K & Riddell. C 0-14054907-2
Spaces To Be Me Imelda Graham 978-906004-29-3
Special Needs info' pack
Staff development handbook for childcare providers Claire Barry 1 898662 86 x
Staff development handbook for childcare providers Claire Barry
Staff Development handbook for childcare providers Claire Barry 1-8998662-86 X
Staff Record Book
Staffing Quality and Childcare Provision Goodbody Economic Consultants
Staffing, Quality and Childcare Provision An evaluation
Stand Up Sit Down -a collection of short stories
State of the Nation's Children-Summary 2008
Stay safe - safety information for parents and carers of children 5 to 11 years
Strategic Plan 1998-2002-Meath County Council
Strategies supporting effective linkages between the formal and informal education sectors
Strategies to address educational disadvantage- strategy guide 4 0-9534044-2-0
Supporting Bilingual Children in the Early Years - Foundation Stage Louth County Childcare
Supporting Children: Domestic Abuse And Bullying Simpson,Benne Crosbie,Mary Acton, Margaret Graham, Imelda 978-1-906004-12-5
Supporting Childrens Positive Behaviour 978-1-906004-11-8
Supporting Children's positive behaviour -Training resource 978-1-906004-11-8
Supporting Creativity and Imagination in the Early years Bernadette Duffy 0 335 21859 8
Supporting Learning in Early Childhood-A quality improvement prog'
Supporting Quality Book 1 guidelines for proffesionals in early childhood services Third Edition Geraldine French 978-1-906004-05-7
Supporting Quality Book 2 guidelines for professional practice in early childhood services Geraldine French 978-1-906004-08-8
Supporting Quality -Guidlines for best practise in early childhood services Geraldine French
Supporting Quality improvement _ summary of the work &achievements of the CCC 2005
Surrorting Quality - guidelines for best practice in early child second edition by Geraldine French - Barnardos
Ta Gno Agat leis on nGaeilge
Talking about quality-Report of a consultation process on Quality in Early Childhood Care and Education -Executive Summary
Teaching Preschoolers NAEYC No. 292 978-1-928896-66-1
Teen Parent Support Initiative - final evaluation report
The AD/HD handbook
The Best Interest Of The Child , Interpreting Irish Child Legislation Eileen Mc Partland 978 07171 4779 3
The Cerbral Palsy Handbook
The Childcare Bible Lucy Martin 9780091924263
The Childminding Handbook Patricia Hayes-Murray
The Dyspraxia Association
The fascination of learning by doing outdoors- supporting lansuage development in young children
The foundation stages at home Shirley Dr Cobbold 0 7487 9789 0
The Green Light National Children's Nurseries Association
The Green Light- Practical ,Exciting & Energy saving projects for young chindren NCNA
The Handbook for Committees
The Inside Guide to being a Childminder Alison Lee 978-0-8264-9895-3
The Interface between Community Development and Local Development Anastacia Crickley
The Montessori Method Marie Montessori 0-8052-0922-0
The national children's strategy-Our Childrens- their lives
The national community Development Programme united against poverty national handbook
The needs of Mosney's pre-school children
The Peace Book Todd Parr 978-0-316-04349-6
The Power of Puppets Jenny Mosley 978-1-904866-44-2
The Ramparts Navan - Booklet & DVD
The Skin I'm In Pat Thomas 978-0-7502-42615
The Sociology of Childhood William A. Corsaro 9 781412 979436
Theories of childhood-an introduation to Dewey, Montessori, Erikson Piaget & Vygotsky Carol Garhart Mooney 978-1-884834-85-1
Thorsons Childcare Series, Starting School Dr Richard Woolfson 722531000
Tic! Tac! Pictiuir agus focail Rebecca Archer
TIDE Information Booklet
To do or not to do Ethical Practice Guidelines Jo Amith
Tomorrows Child Brian Harvey 987-1-906004-09-5
Tomorrow's Child Brian Harvey 978-1-906004-09-5
Towards a Framework for Early Learning - Consultative Document Dr.Anne Looney
Towards a Framework for Early Learning - Executive Summary Dr.Anne Looney
Towards a Framework for Early Learning - Your Response/Discussion Document
Towards a framework for early Learning-A consultative document eng/irish
Towards a framework for early Learning-executive summary
Traineeship childcare framework
Traineeship childcare training specification & training plan
Training Information- A Booklet for Childminders
Trathnona sa Maionra (An afternoon in the Naoinra) Maire Ui Bhroin
Travellers in Monaghan Paul Quinn
Understanding Children Dr Richard Woolfson 0-9523649-5-6
Understanding Children Dr Richard Woolfson 0-9523649-5-6
Understanding Meningitis - A Guide for Early Years Practitioners Beverly Corbett
United Nations Convention on the rights of the child
Update on the NEYAI Evaluation and Dissemination Plans Spring 2014 Early Years Access Initiative
Using elements of the Highscope approach in an afterschool setting
Value Added Puppet Scripts Jenny Mosley
Valuing Childhood - Cherishing Children
Valuing Community Playgroups; lessons for practice and policy- evaluation report 0-9546911-1-3
Vital Statistics fourth quarter and yearly summary
Voice of Traveller Families
Waterford County Childcare Committee-Strategy 2002-2006
Watoto - cassete tape
Watoto - children from around the world
Watoto - introduction pack
We Are Not Babysitters Mary C. Tuominen 0-8135-3283-3
We like this place
Westmeath Community Development Ltd., Annual Report 2001
Westmeath County Childcare - plan
What happens after School Ester Pugh
What I Like About Me! Reader's Digest children's Books 978-0-7944-1945-5
What is Play? Info sheets & Outdoor play in childcare settings CD
What's New? - Supporting children through Transitions in their Early Years Imelda Graham 978-1-906004-23-1
Windows on Learning. Documenting Young Children's Work 2nd Edition Judy Harris Helm 978-0-8077-4786-5
Working with Children with Special Needs nippa
Working with deaf people - sign bilingual
Working with Parents-an informationpack for early years settings
Write up my street Jim Black
Young Children and Play NAEYC no. 284 1-928896-16-2
Your Guide to Communities & Business Working Together
Your Young Child's Behaviour Barnardos 978-1-906004-31-6
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